The Shorelines Project

Citywide Public Engagement & Arts Project highlighting climate change and flood risk
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The Shorelines Project is a city-wide art activism project that aims to highlight the impact climate change will have on cities like Hull if nothing is done.

This project aims to bring the subject of climate change to Hull through a series of installations; exploring flooding and the future, giving the people of Hull the confidence to stand up and demand action.

Brought to the city by Rights : Community : Action, the project aims to empower the people of Hull to demand better planning and flood prevention. For anyone that doesn’t know, the city is at real risk of flooding; by 2100, sea levels will rise by 1.5m (at a minimum). Hull sits just 1.2m above sea level at its highest point, meaning if we don’t do something now, the city will not exist for the next generation.

Working with some of the city’s most affected communities, we’re using art to encourage imaginative conversations about the future of the city. Why art? Because imagination is key to our future. If you can’t imagine the future you can’t be ready for it.

We launched the project in October 2020 to coincide with the region’s Waterline Summit. The first mural, designed and installed by Drunk Animal’s creative director, Calvin Innes, depicted a dark scenario – a girl sat underwater drawing. The piece generated widespread coverage, including local print media, online and regional broadcast coverage.

The project will last for 18 months and will engage thousands of people, businesses and families across the city to generate a wider national discussion on the dangers and the impact of flooding on future generations.

Portfolio - The Shorelines Project - Concepts V1

The visuals will help to make action inarguable. Its purpose is to raise local awareness, but also to send a clear message to both local and national governments that those most at risk from the climate crisis demand action.

We have a stellar line up of artists helping us deliver this project; some of the biggest names in urban art including Mark Ervine, Erin Ko, BellaPhame and JimVision to name just a few.

We’ll also be breaking records with some of our murals – they’ll be the biggest installations the city (and maybe even the region) has ever seen. They’ll also be on some of the city’s most iconic architecture to help them really stand out.

We’re excited about how the campaign has kicked off and how the city has embraced our first pieces of art. To get involved visit the website.

Portfolio - The Shorelines Project- The Girl
Portfolio - The Shorelines Project- All Is Connected
Portfolio - The Shorelines Project- The Time Is Now
Portfolio - The Shorelines Project- The Boy
Portfolio - The Shorelines Project- Cataclysm