Hull Business Energy Efficiency Scheme (HBEES)

Enabling businesses to become more energy efficient
Brand Development, Design, Digital, PR, Comms & Social

The Hull Business Energy Efficiency Scheme has an aim to make the city carbon-neutral by 2030.

Hull City Council called on Drunk Animal to create a new brand that would stand out and resonate with SMEs in the city. The council has a target of providing energy audits and grants to up to 200 businesses across the city to help reduce its carbon footprint by 750 tonnes.

We got straight to work setting out a strategy with a main focus; creating positive knowledge transfer and developing messaging that resonated with an SME audience. We needed to encourage two-way dialogue so that we could drive a long term step-change in attitudes towards energy efficiency.

A major part of this programme is to maximise the investment made in marketing to reach as many businesses as possible. We developed everything from the brand identity and voice of HBEES, to a bespoke website, social media platforms and the wider marketing campaign including digital sheets around the city centre, to local media print and online coverage.

To capture attention, a modern logo with a vibrant colour scheme was developed to bring the project to life.

An engaging, easy to navigate website sits at the heart of the campaign, acting as an information hub, directory and the main contact point for businesses interested in finding out more.

A social campaign geared towards a small business owner runs alongside our marketing efforts to disrupt our target audience in non-traditional ways. We lead on infographics to showcase the impact on a business by making simple switches and make our content relevant and relatable.

We have a highly targeted media strategy in place to reach our SME audience in the most cost-effective way; digital media that is activated at key periods during the year, responsive advertising that optimises based on a users activity and social advertising that appears when they’re most receptive helps us to reach our diverse audience in a way that drives results.

Despite two regional lockdowns, the campaign is already making an impact, with over 30 energy audits completed and a number of grants awarded to local businesses. It is expected that by the end of 2021, the grants provided will help to reduce the city’s carbon footprint by almost 400 tonnes.