Newsjacking requires speed, strategy and creativity. We monitor live news and spot opportunities for our clients to become part of the conversation. By placing expert commentary and thought leadership pieces at the heart of a trending topic, we secure links with major national and niche publications.

We target conversations that have a wide audience and widespread press coverage. This includes national press as well as specialist or niche publications across a range of sectors. Newsjacking is about being on the pulse at all times.

Newsjacking - reactive digital PR and social media


On trend content

Successful newsjacking requires a thorough understanding of breaking news, industry information and trending topics.

As stories begin to trend, search traffic for keywords in that story starts to accelerate. Google regularly features articles about, or related to trending stories at the top of search results, meaning more eyes on the most relevant content. Trending stories are highlighted by Twitter and Facebook and are at the top of the news cycle, meaning if you can get your story there, there are more eyes on your business.

To newsjack at the right time, it’s important that we get content embedded into the conversation before the story hits a peak. By then, it’s usually too late. Though there’s almost always tough competition for trending traffic, businesses that get in early will collect backlinks from other outlets using their content as a reference. This has allowed us to generate millions of links for companies, at exactly the right time.

Tracking The News

Part of the conversation

We closely monitor and track relevant news by utilizing tools like Google Trends to monitor trending stories. We undertake social listening across all social media channels and we monitor trending hashtags on Twitter. Combined with closely monitoring media platforms and journalists connected to our target industries, we stay ahead of the game and create reactive content that drives engagement.

Benefits of Newsjacking

Boost Your Engagement

Executing successful newsjacking is compilated. It requires a constant awareness of the latest news relevant to a particular industry or brand. However, used correctly, newsjacking places your brand into larger industry and social conversations. It puts you in front of new audiences and potential customers and can significantly boost social media engagement.

Newsjacking done right can demonstrate the tone of voice and make up of your brand to audiences and show that you’re dialed into the needs of your customers and community.