Link Building

We create digital PR strategies that drive high quantity backlinks and traffic to the a site or landing page, increasing overall brand awareness. We have a track record of generating links with top tier publications and news platforms including BBC, The Guardian, Daily Mail and specialist media such as LadBible.

Our product and retail targeted link building generates links to products by creating stories around them. This in turn boosts search rankings to category and product pages and ultimately drives sales.

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Link Building

SEO & Lead Generation

Building links in any industry isn’t easy. it requires creative thinking and carefully planned strategy. Few tactics can help you earn links at any sort of significant scale, but by focussing on digital PR you can earn relevant links. If you want to supercharge your website’s organic growth, a targeted link building strategy is essential. Digital PR forms the backbone of a link building strategy by putting stories relevant to you in the hands of high ranking websites and blogs, and ultimately your target audience.

Digital PR

A Link Building Strategy

Digital PR is all about using PR tactics to earn backlinks from websites, blogs and media platforms, to support your SEO strategy. In order to benefit from backlinks you need to create linkable assets and promote these to relevant journalists and publications. If you deliver the right kind of story, to the right audience you will encourage them to write about your content and link to it. It’s that simple.

Digital PR success is all about generating great ideas and stories that journalists and bloggers want to cover, while creating engaging assets that get linked to. These links should add editorial value to an article in the form of supporting articles, content and references. Digital PR is storytelling. It is all about creating content that tells engaging, captivating and informative stories that journalists actually want to cover..