Social Media

Organic & Paid

Social media marketing is the process of creating content for social media platforms to promote products or services, build communities and form connections with target audiences. Social media marketing is utilised to build brand awareness and to drive traffic to a business or online store.

Social media marketing is constantly evolving, with new platforms and the introduction of new features and opportunities on current platforms. Markets and age demographics are constantly changing, and as a result social media strategies need to constantly evolve too.

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Social Media Marketing

Organic Social Media

Organic Social Media is about creating authentic social content for a brand or business to share organically. That is publishing content natively through the various social media platforms without paid support. Organic Social Media allows for brands to build audiences, establish their brand voice and deliver key points of conversation and important information information.

Organic Social Media is used to support objectives such as improving reach, engagement and social following following. It is a key component of any brand building strategy. It is not used as much for lead generation but forms an important part of any social media marketing strategy as it can support paid social activities and PPC.

Social Media Marketing

Paid Social Media

Paid social activity is used to amplify key messages and target audiences as part of an integrated marketing campaign. Paid social media campaigns can be used to drive significant brand recognition and can be especially effective for reaching target audiences, providing conversation opportunities and beginning to build sales funnels.

Paid social media is used to reach those who already engage with the brand through retargeting, as well as building new audiences. We work with brands to create Paid Social campaigns that drive sales, generate leads and deliver on specific KPIs. Paid social, alongside Organic Social and other PPC activities are utilised throughout the funnel to help drive ongoing active engagement.