Content Ideation

It Starts With An Idea

Engaging, exciting and compelling content is at the heart of any comprehensive modern marketing strategy. The majority of businesses and brands invest resources into content marketing, with most of them publishing regular new material. In order for this content to stand out in a crowded marketplace, to connect and to drive engagement it must be creative, and tell a story.

Marketing is all about gaining trust with a target audience. This is done through story telling, ideas and ultimately the delivery of engaging campaigns. All good campaigns start with an idea…

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Content Ideation

Creativity with Purpose

Content ideation is the process of producing or sourcing relevant, engaging and interesting topics to be used in marketing content. We start all content ideation projects by identifying content gaps. Is there anything that could be covered in more detail or anything that is missing entirely from your content strategy?

Finding the gaps in an existing content plan is an easy way to find new ideas. Additionally, we look to identify new ways of presenting content. What content works, what drives engagement, and what misses the mark. By understanding the data behind the content, we can create new ideas to fill those content gaps.

Content That Connects

And that Engages

We dig deep into the kind of content and the messaging that audiences connect with. What questions do they want answering. Where are their pain points? How can we create content that addresses their problems and engages them. An important aspect of content ideation is understanding the audience, what they’re looking for and how they are looking for it. We explore keyword popularity, but more importantly we use advanced search engine optimization to assess keyword opportunities and let this drive our content creation strategy.