Tone of Voice

How You Say It

A brand’s tone of voice is not what they say, it’s how they say it. A brand tone of voice encompasses not only the words that are used, but their tone, their rhythm, their pace and their intention. A company’s tone of voice will inform all of its written copy, it’s marketing materials, it’s digital and print content, including its website, social media messages and emails.

A brand should be seen as an identity. It has a personality, and this comes through in the tone of voice. DA works with brands to develop clear, confident and relevant tone of voice that can be conveyed across all marketing materials and activities.

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Tone Of Voice

Say it, Mean It

A brand’s tone of voice is often an expression of the people behind the brand. It’s not just what a company does, but who is behind the company, who is within the company and how do they think and feel that makes it a brand. A tone of voice expresses the brand’s personality and clearly demonstrates values, ethos and direction. A tone of voice embodies the tone of the people behind a brand, the things that motivate them, their loves and hates, and the kind of things they want to say to their audience.

This sounds pretty simple, right? Well, in principle yes it is. in practice, creating a clear and coherent tone of voice that accurately conveys a brand’s aims and motivations while simultaneously engages with their audience, can be tricky. In many ways a brand’s tone of voice is more important than their logo. Companies change and adapt their logos all the time, but their core voice tends to remain the same in perpetuity.