Campaign Creation

Campaigns That Connect

DA Creative Studio creates high performance, multi-platform campaigns that deliver huge returns. We combine strategy, data driven insight and creative content to formulate, deliver and manage campaigns that utilise Digital PR, Social Media, Brand Positioning, Link Building and high impact Creative Content.

These are high impact, memorable and engaging campaigns that will capture an audiences attention and encourage them to take an action, driving them down the sales funnel or encouraging them to interact with a brand.

We have created campaigns that have been seen by millions, in some cases billions of people.

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Campaign Creation

Beginning To End

Campaign creation requires a three stage plan, looking at pre-campaign, campaign and post campaign activities and data. We create campaigns that focus only on social media, we create TV advertising campaigns and we utilise Digital PR to secure worldwide media coverage. In most cases we combine various approaches to achieve the largest reach and engagement.

Pre-Campaign: Gathering essential data points before a campaign is planned ensures than any marketing campaigns will tie in with overall marketing strategy and accurately reflect the brand voice, tone and messaging. We begin by identifying key-words and relevant terms, which allow us to create relevant Call to Actions. It’s important to develop and in-depth understanding of our target audiences and create copy and content that speaks to them. This informs our content strategy for all campaign deliverables.

Campaign: Once we have developed a clear understanding of our target audiences we create content and copy that will connect. we performs a series of AB tests throughout any campaign to fine tune any advertising reach and engagement and continually improve Cost Per Click and Cost Per Impression across any digital advertising campaigns. Content is created depending on the campaign aims and target audiences and can contain text, image, video, photo and audio content (or a combination of these).

Post-Campaign: We track metrics closely across all campaigns and monitor the performance of advertising copy, advert creative, video content and landing pages. How many visitors are we generating, how are those visitors reacting to the campaign and how many become leads. Data is analyzed and retargeting is implemented where suitable to make sure that we don’t just generate a lot of leads, but we generate the right kind of leads.