Brand Strategy

Awareness, Equity & Sentiment

A branding strategy is the long-term plan and roadmap to achieve a series of goals that ultimately result in the identification and engagement and support of your brand by consumers. A successful brand strategy encompasses several elements, including the brand’s mission statement, its promises or commitment to its customers, and how these are communicated through various forms of media.

A branding strategy revolves around all of the elements, including tone, voice and ethos that over time drive brand awareness, brand equity, and brand sentiment.

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Brand Strategy

What Does It Look like?

A successful brand strategy will outline how a brand becomes known with its target audience, and how it appears to that same audience. The primary goal of a successful branding strategy is to let audiences know that a brand exists, what purpose the brand has, and what defines it. How is this brand different to the next? A branding strategy is flexible, it is ever-evolving and it is long-term. A brand strategy often requires being revisited over time based on its success and/or failures.

Branding strategies often involve intangible, not-easily-measured elements and as such the success of a brand strategy is often hard to measure. When formulating this kind of strategy it is important to decide from the start how success and by what KPIs will the project be measured upon.

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