Brand Development

Everything You Are

Brand development is an ongoing process, developing and establishing a distinctive identity, assets and a voice. The process of maintaining high quality, distinctive marketing assets, and building consumer trust is an ongoing process and Brand Development should eb seen as an ongoing commitment.

Your brand is your business’s personality, and this requires maintenance, ongoing development and attention. A brand is not a logo, a brand is an identity which is made up of a number of elements.

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Branding or Brand Development?

Are they the same?

Brand development is the process and the ideas. It’s the concept of a brand identity and the process of learning about and promoting a brand’s unique traits.

Branding is the execution of these learnings. Branding is the application of every communication method you use to promote your brand, from printed media, Digital PR and advertising through to logos and identity. Although there’s a slight difference between the two, both branding and brand development are essentially about getting people to know who you are and what you’re all about.

A customer’s relationship with a business is like any relationship; it requires development and attention. When you care about your brand, your customers care too. DA works alongside brands to pay close attention to their public persona, their voice, their tone, how their customers interact and react to their brand and then we use this information to continually develop their brand presence.

Brand Development

Step by Step

In order to effectively develop a brand it’s important to identify your brand’s core message. DA works with businesses to ask, who are they as a business? Who is the audience and how does that audience react to different messages, platforms and digital assets?

We help brands to understand what they stand for, and clearly map this out so the audiences, as well as internal teams and partners can understand who they are.